Vitamin skilled and sports activities nutritionist Kim Bowman explains the significance of electrolytes and why it’s essential to remain hydrated when exercising within the warmth

We’ve all heard how essential hydration is to interchange fluid loss throughout and after train.

Any vitamin skilled will inform you that insufficient fluid consumption might go away you feeling torpid, unmotivated, and liable to pounding complications, particularly in the course of the sizzling summer season months.

Why? Dehydration happens when our physique begins to lose extra fluids than we absorb.

That is particularly widespread in the course of the summer season months as we don’t usually realise how a lot fluid our physique loses whereas exercising within the warmth.

insufficient fluid consumption might go away you feeling torpid, unmotivated and liable to pounding complications

Sure, water is vital throughout a exercise to interchange fluid loss. Nevertheless, in sizzling, humid warmth, electrolytes are wanted to make sure our physique is sufficiently hydrated to keep away from dehydration.  

F45 Practical Vitamin Professional and Sports activities Nutritionist Kim Bowman explains the significance of electrolytes for optimizing hydration in sizzling and humid warmth…

Electrolytes and exercising within the warmth

Exercising in excessive warmth means our physique has to go into overdrive to each present fluids to working muscle tissues and regulate our physique’s inner core temperature.

If you’ve ever educated in out of doors warmth, you’ll have discovered it extra tiring than in cooler situations. Why? 

‘Our physique not solely has to push by a exercise, however should additionally thermoregulate and keep cool to make sure we don’t overheat.’

‘We do that by sweating. Nevertheless, as we proceed to sweat, we lose essential minerals referred to as electrolytes, that are wanted to ship fluid to our physique’s cells.’

exercising in excessive warmth means our physique has to enter overdrive

Whether or not you’re at the moment in peak summer season warmth or approaching the summer season months, it’s essential to be conscious of warmth whereas exercising open air, as that is the quickest method for our physique to lose fluids.  

What are electrolytes? 

Electrolytes—akin to sodium, calcium, and potassium—are important minerals for a lot of key features within the physique, together with muscle contraction, blood strain regulation, pH stability (acidity and alkalinity), and fluid stability.

Throughout train, sodium is the first electrolyte that’s misplaced by sweat, adopted by chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium.  

Why are electrolytes so essential for hydration?

 It’s important to include electrolytes throughout fluid substitute to make sure that your physique can adequately take in water on to the physique’s cells to maintain fluid stability (the motion of water by way of osmosis).

Electrolytes, particularly sodium, should be replenished to keep up a wholesome fluid stability.  

electrolytes staying hydrated during heat

What’s an electrolyte imbalance? 

Our physique requires a particular stability of electrolytes and fluids, and when electrolytes grow to be too excessive or low, an imbalance can happen.

Dehydration is a standard type of electrolyte imbalance that happens as we lose minerals by sweat.

when electrolytes grow to be too excessive or low, an imbalance can happen

This may end up in fatigue, complications, muscle cramps, and in the end, decreased train efficiency.  

Methods to optimize hydration?

If you happen to’re exercising for multiple hour a day, particularly at a excessive depth and in sizzling and humid situations, electrolytes are important.

Humid situations stop sweat from evaporating and effectively retaining the physique cool; subsequently, we sweat extra consequently and lose extra electrolytes.

If buying in-store or on-line, you’ll want to examine labels for sugar content material, as many sports activities drinks have an excessive amount of sugar and never sufficient electrolytes to assist replenish your physique.

As a substitute, go for electrolyte tablets or powders that comprise solely important minerals.

electrolytes staying hydrated in the heat electrolyte tablet

Make your personal  Electrolyte Drink  

This selfmade electrolyte drink from F45 will assist to optimize hydration whereas exercising open air:    

  • 8 oz water or unsweetened coconut water 
  • ¼ tsp Himalayan pink sea salt
  • 2 tbsp contemporary lime or lemon juice  

Disclaimer: The knowledge on this article is for instructional functions solely. You need to at all times seek the advice of with a doctor earlier than supplementing with electrolytes as supplementation varies relying on a wide range of components together with age, exercise degree and depth, water consumption, and local weather.  

electrolytes staying hydrated in the heat kim bowman

Kim Bowman is an F45 functional vitamin skilled and sports activities nutritionist.

She focuses on dietary science and physiology with sensible expertise with professional-level athletes, coaches and medical employees.

She was additionally a former skilled athlete as effectively, qualifying twice for the Olympic Trials in addition to being a former D1 athlete.

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