The Advantages of Using the 5 Panel Drug Test Method

A drug test simply refers to the examination done on the body fluids or any other specimen of an individual so as to detect the presence of any illegal substances in the system. This test is commonly done on athletes so as to make sure that they are not using any performance enhancing substances to boost them such as steroids. Saliva, urine, sweat, blood or even the hair are some of the specimen that could be used. Such illegal substances include marijuana, cocaine, Opium or even prescription medication. One of the most popular methods among the many that have been developed to test drugs is the 5-panel drug test method which commonly checks on the urine of an individual. This method is preferred because of them numerous benefits that come with using it over the other methods.

To begin with, the cheapest drug test method available is a 5-panel drug test. The cost of conducting a drug test using this method is of a lower cost as compared to the other methods. As compared to the 5-panel drug test method for example, the lab test is as expensive as ten times over. This therefore means it is affordable to most people and thus makes it most accessible to most people. This has greatly contributed to this test becoming the most popular among people.

The second benefit of this method it is that is the easiest method to work with and understand it. You would not require to have special skills so that to be able to conducts this test. Thorough training is not necessarily needed in order to conduct this test. Because the results are very straightforward and easy to understand, one can even do the test by themselves and would not need to look for specialist conduct the same.

To add on that, the 5-panel drug test method is a very fast method of test. the results are very rapid and almost immediate. Completing the test and acquiring the results would not even take you 5 minutes or more. So that they can establish the ethical standards or the individuals who wants to join their workforce and even the current employees, many individuals and organization prefer this method.

The final benefit of the 5-panel drug test method that u will look at is that it can conduct a test on different drugs at the same time It is known as 5 panel methods because it can be used to test the five major categories of drugs that include cocaine, opium, marijuana amphetamines and methamphetamines. Almost instantaneously, it would acquire the results very effectively.

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